Love Birds Valentine Art

Looking for a little “love-ly” Valentine’s Day decor for your home? We’re excited to share Designer Juliana Michaels love birds Valentine art with you today.
Valentine's Day
I love to decorate for all of the holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. If you are looking for a simple way to add a touch of “love” to your Valentine’s Day home decor, then you are sure to fall head over heels for the project I have to share with you.
Love Bird Valentine Art
I purchased a plain wooden frame from my local craft store and decorated it using the Pebbles Inc. Yours Truly collection. For a brief tutorial on how I painted the wood frame, please visit my blog 17turtles.
Once you have painted the frame, select a sheet a patterned paper. Measure each of the openings inside the frame and trim your paper to fit. Ink the edges of each piece of paper.
The next step is to begin building little collages using various Yours Truly Chip Shapes and Icon Stickers.
After you have composed each piece, adhere them into their respective openings. An easy to tip to allow you to reuse this frame for another holiday is to adhere the papers into the openings with removable adhesive.
Now your piece is ready to bring a little “love” to everyone who sees it!
Yours Truly Love Note Paper
Yours Truly Love Ticket Paper
Yours Truly Printed Chip Shapes
Yours Truly Icon Stickers


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